February 02, 2017

Fairy Tale FEVER!

Hey, all!

This week has been crazy. Great, but crazy! Wednesday was Global School Play Day, and all of the kindergarteners wore pajamas and brought toys to school. They had unstructured play ALL DAY! It was so amazing to see their interactions with one another. I only intervened if there was arguing, which didn't happen much.

Today was a bit of a weird day, too. We had an assembly this morning, and that always throws the day off. Before the assembly, I introduced the concept of character traits to the students. We went over this anchor chart-

We talked about inside and outside character traits (which was a brand-new concept for them), and then I introduced our new story: Rapunzel! I asked them to think about what they could infer about the characters (specifically, Rapunzel and the witch) from what we read about them. 

After that, we talked about their inferencing. Then, the students completed these sheets. They struggled a little with the "character traits" part of it; lots of them wrote about things that the character did, or something that happened to them. But, I was thrilled with their writing anyway!

 Rapunzel was in the castle with the witch because the witch got her.

Rapunzel is stuck at the witch's castle.

 She cut Rapunzel's hair.

In the castle because the witch put her there.

Rapunzel is happy because she met a prince.

Rapunzel got in love with a prince and she dropped tears in the prince's eyes.

So precious, right?!

Well, I couldn't just send those papers home. I couldn't! They were too cute. So... I made this hallway display instead.

There will be more papers around it once the rest of the students finish!

After lunch, the kids sat down and watched Tangled! I planned on doing another compare/contrast activity, but due to some technical difficulties (as in, the DVD I got from the library wouldn't play!), we ran out of time! We will probably finish on Monday, because 

tomorrow is the 100th Day of School!

Okay, okay. I've said enough. Check back in a few days to see all the fun from our 100th day celebration!

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