January 30, 2017

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time...

there was a teacher.

This teacher loved sharing all of the things that were happening in her classroom!

She took a long break from her sharing and couldn't decide how to come back to her blog, so she made up a story to celebrate her return.

And they all lived happily ever after!

(Yeah, okay, that was horrible. But I'm here now!)

Whew! Do I have a lot of things to talk about! I've been trying to come back for a few weeks now, but I genuinely couldn't decide how to return to blogging. Should I recap the past few months? Should I pretend like I was never gone and hope that nobody notices? Should I scrap this blog and start a new one for the millionth time?

So, I'm just going to roll with it and talk about the goings-on in our kinder classroom for the past week or so. Luckily, the unit we have been working on is one of my FAVORITES, so I have lots of pictures and lots to talk about!

Our current unit is Fairy Tales! If you know me, you know that I *love* fairy tales (especially Disney ones)! The unit started off kind of rocky, because I came down with strep last weekend and wasn't at school Monday. (BOO! But I'm so glad to be feeling better.) Tuesday, we played catch-up all day. I was able to squeeze in a quick introduction to fairy tales with an anchor chart that we made together, which I then fancied up and displayed in the classroom.

Finally, on Wednesday, I sat my kids down and read Cinderella to them.

Many of them had seen the Disney movie, but this version is slightly different. We talked about it and filled out a story map, and that was all we had time for. Before we moved on, I told them that we would be reading a different version of Cinderella on Thursday, and that I knew that they were going to love it!

Thursday, they were so excited to come back and read the new version of the story. Imagine their surprise when I introduced... Dogerella!

In case your inferencing skills are a bit rusty, this adorable story is a  version of Cinderella involving dogs. Instead of going to the ball to meet a prince, all the dogs in the kingdom are invited to a ball for Princess Bea, the king's daughter, because she wants a pup to keep her company. My kids thought the story was hysterical, especially when the Fairy Dogmother's (yes, you read it correctly) wand needed new batteries. ;) After reading it, we filled out another story map.

On Friday, I introduced my kinders to a Venn diagram and explained it to them. We spent a good chunk of the morning comparing and contrasting the two stories. They demonstrated a pretty good grasp on the concept for their first time!

Then, I had the students close their eyes and imagine which book was their favorite. I then asked them to pick out one scene from the book as their very favorite part, and had them write all about it. Some of them seriously impressed me with their sentences and drawings! Here are a few -

 (My favorite part of the story was when Cinderella lost her glass slipper.)

 (My favorite part of the story was the minivan with Dogerella.)

(My favorite part of the story was when Dogerella found someone that could take care of her.) [MELT MY LITTLE HEART!]

When they were finished what that, we had one more quick activity to do! I gave each student a high heel template (that I just found with a quick Google search) and instructed them to color it and cut it out. When they were all finished, they all came and sat on our rug. We took turns "voting" on which story was our favorite! 

Let me tell you... it was neck and neck up until the very end! I have to admit, I'm kind of surprised that they liked Cinderella more than Dogerella.

And that brings us to this week. We are focusing on The Three Little Pigs and Rapunzel. I got permission to show Tangled on Thursday (but shh! Don't tell the kids!) and I can't wait to see what they think about that!

In other news... look at the "doodle" that one of my girls made for me today. Color me impressed!

Alright, I think that's enough for my "comeback" post. ;)
Stay tuned- lots going on this week in Kinder-land!

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