July 13, 2016


Good morning, fabulous people! I am just popping in for a few quick minutes to say what's on my mind.

(As per usual, there's a lot going on up there!)

1. Writing a book is hard. I love writing. I think I'm good with words and structuring sentences, and goodness knows that my imagination can run wild. But, writing a book is very different. I have about 4 pages of ideas for characters, plots, settings... and, somehow, they need to be paired and put together into a feasible storyline, even if the storyline is silly. There are so many other things to consider, as well: will I include dialogue? Will the story be realistic, or will it include things like talking animals? How many characters will I have? Will the story have a moral, or is it just for fun? It's mind-boggling! 

2. As an added bonus, I'm having to deal with switching between children's book-writing and grad school paper-writing. You'd better believe that I'm double- and triple-checking my grad school papers to make sure that no chocolate-filled water fountains have wormed their way in there!

3. Tonight, Thomas and I are going to see Koo Koo Kanga Roo! They're a duo who sing really, really silly songs for kids. I'm hooked on them from doing GoNoodle with my kindergarten students throughout the year! I also know that at least one of my students from last year will be there. It's even more exciting because his mom didn't tell him that I'll be there, too, so it'll be a surprise!

Click the picture to be taken to their Instagram page!

4. Tomorrow, we're going to Chris Colfer's book tour stop in Columbus!

(cue the hallelujah chorus) 

I don't even think there are words to tell you how thrilled I am to be going! He will be talking about his new book in The Land of Stories series. Thomas and I will each get a signed copy of the book, just for buying a ticket. They will also be choosing 5 people at random (via a raffle) to have a personal meet-and-greet with Chris! AHH! Obviously, I am dying to win! Half because I want to pick his brain about writing books, and half because I adore him from watching Glee. And now, let's all take a second to appreciate how adorable he is.

Click the picture to be taken to his Instagram page!

5. I recently found out that one of my instructors is accepting early submissions for the class she is teaching! That means that I could sit down, finish all of the course work, and be done today if I wanted to. That's obviously unrealistic, but I do have plans of being done a few weeks early so I can turn my focus to other things.

And now that I've shared all of my current happenings, I want to hear from you! What is going on in your life that you're excited about? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I had no idea the gonoodle.com guys had concerts! That is awesome! They kept my K's attantion the most! 😃

    1. Yes! They're doing a tour now. They don't do them regularly, though. :(