July 03, 2016

My not-so-secret secret

Okay, I have a confession to make.

I started a blog about a month ago. It was on wordpress.com. I posted on it twice, and then forgot about it because I hated the layout. I couldn't find a template that I liked that would work on the free Wordpress sites. Also, the name of that blog was Cats, Coffee, and Kindergarten (as opposed to Coffee, Cats, and Kindergarten), and I kept calling it the wrong thing. I really wasn't attached or committed to it at all, so I left it alone.

Then, last night, I sat down to work on it again and it hit me:

You don't have to use Wordpress!

So, I came on over to Blogger, set up my URL, purchased a blog template from Etsy, and got to work*!

*went to bed while the template designer installed it for me

So, here I am. I'm excited to get a content calendar ready so that I'll have plenty for all of you to read when my blog goes live on July 11 (which, by the way, is a date that I literally just decided on as I was typing it). If you've read this far, I guess it means that I did a pretty good job, eh?


As I briefly mentioned in my first post, I began a blog for several reasons. First and foremost, I love to write. I mean, I really love it. In fact, I've looked into freelancing once I am done with my Master's degree. I have loved reading and writing for... forever, I think, and I can't believe that I could actually get paid to do those things. How cool is that?!

I also really, really love connecting with people. It's hard for me to do that in person, because I'm severely introverted. Interacting with people I don't know is incredibly difficult for me. But, I am able to do that easily online! I can talk to people, think out responses, use emojis to convey emotions... it is much more comfortable for me.

I'm really working on getting out of my comfort zone, and this blog is a big step for me.

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