July 03, 2016

Ode to Coffee: 7 reasons why I adore you

If there's one thing I'm not shy about, it's my love for coffee, particularly coffee of the iced variety. It's all over my Instagram feed...

(and believe me when I tell you that that's just a small sampling)

We got 3 Keurigs for Christmas. I collect coffee mugs. I mean, the word "coffee" is the first word in the name of my blog. Shouldn't that tell you something?


In the spirit of sharing myself with you, I have decided to reveal to you the top 7 reasons why I absolutely love coffee. 

So, without further ado, here it is!

1. I love the way it smells. When I walk into a restaurant and smell fresh coffee, I immediately perk up. Maybe it's because my body understands that smelling coffee means I'll be drinking it soon? It just smells so warm and comforting and cozy. Who wouldn't like that? 

2. It's great hot or iced. With most things, I'm a huge stickler for food temperature. I'm infamous at my grandparents' house for always using the microwave before others have even started eating! If food is supposed to be hot, it needs to be steaming. If it's supposed to be cold, it needs to be freezing. But coffee... it's different. Yes, I like my hot coffee piping hot and my iced coffee freezing cold; however, it's one of very few things that I'll take both ways. (Wondering my opinion on cold pizza? Get out. Seriously, just leave.)

3. It is so energizing! One thing that Thomas knows about me is that, if we have to leave the house early in the morning, he's not getting me to leave the bed unless he uses the magic words: 

"We can stop and get coffee!"

4. I'm super mean without it. I mean, I can't help it. Being un-caffeinated gives me a giant headache and a terrible attitude. It's not something I'm proud of. Let's move on.

5. I don't drink alcohol. I guess that not many people know that about me, right? It's not something that I usually talk about. If you're wondering why, I'd be more than happy to answer you. In the meantime, coffee is my vice. I drink it when I'm celebrating, when I'm stressed, and when I'm bored. It's my drink of choice!

6. It brings people together. How many times have you gotten together to have coffee with friends? Family? Colleagues? We even met with our mortgage guy over coffee. There's just something about sitting down at a small table, sipping this delicious drink, and talking about life and business that seems so perfect to me.

7. Coffee shops are such a great environment. Similar to what I said above, the hustle and bustle of coffee shops is so interesting to me. I love to people-watch, and coffee shops are a great way for me to do that without looking like a total creep. On the other hand, I'm also a student and a teacher. Sitting at a coffee shop is a perfect environment for me to get stuff done. I can pop in my headphones and get to work and, when I need a break, there's always more coffee to be poured and more people to watch.

Folks, I can give you a thousand other reasons why coffee is the bomb.com but I'll spare you. Just know that, if you ever want to get on my good side, my absolute favorite is a vanilla iced coffee from McDonald's. ;) 

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