July 02, 2016

The Beginning

Wow. The first blog post. No pressure, right?
This blog has been a long time coming. I’ve started several blogs, but they haven’t gotten anywhere because I haven’t been willing to put in the time and effort to get them off the ground. But, the desire to share my life with others is nothing new. I enjoy sharing silly stories about my kindergarteners on Facebook, I love typing out the perfect text message, and I consider it an art to be able to put a whole thought into 140 characters on Twitter. Simply put, I love writing!
Anyway, I figure that this first post should be a introductory one. So, here goes!
My name is Rebecca. Some people call me Becca, but I’ve never been too good with writing an uppercase letter B so I refer to myself, both vocally and in writing, as Rebecca. It’s a thing, okay?
I’m a twenty-something who lives in central Ohio with her husband and two cats. Believe me, you’ll be hearing lots about all of them! Especially the cats.😉 I teach kindergarten and absolutely love my career! I’m also currently in grad school, but I’ll be done in mid-August with a Master’s degree in Elementary Reading and Literacy. WHOO! I don’t have any free time in which to have hobbies during the school year, but currently I’m loving watching Netflix for hours a day and painting random pieces of furniture while Thomas is at work. He loves it… sometimes. Oh, well.
Okay… now it’s time for me to go Google how to end a blog post. Ciao!

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