July 28, 2016

Back to school Busyness

Oh, my goodness! This week has been just a little bit crazy. I spent most of Monday working on school stuff, Tuesday was spent unpacking my classroom, scheduling kindergarten screenings, and doing more school stuff, and yesterday I was at school for screening (and more classroom unpacking) from 9-6. I'm suddenly remembering what the term "teacher tired" means!

I'm so excited about my classroom library this year. While I'm still hoping that my Donors Choose projects will get funded, I'm making the most of my classroom library as it is right now. This is what it looked like Tuesday-


After I took this picture, I sat down and organized my books into piles by theme and/or author. Then, yesterday, I brought in all the bins I had purchased from Dollar Tree. I really wish they fit so that the books could be facing out, but the tops of the buckets are too wide for that. I'm pretty happy with how it looks, though! It's nothing compared to some other classroom libraries I've seen, but it works in my small-ish classroom, and the kids always seem to love the library. Here's a little peek of what it looks like now-

It looks so much better! I don't think I'll be sharing any more classroom pictures, though, until  it's time for my classroom reveal. :) Soon!

In other news, Chris Colfer finally (FINALLY) posted the selfie he took in Columbus a few weeks ago, and (drumroll please) I'm totally in it! You can barely see my head, but I'm there. Second row, on the left, right next to his glorious hair.

I'm going to print it off and hang it in my classroom, of course. A picture "with" one of my students' favorite authors and a picture with Koo Koo Kanga Roo?! They're going to think I'm a celebrity myself!

It's definitely a bummer, though, because some of the ladies I met there are directly behind his beautiful head (and Thomas is back there, too)! Next year, we'll have to make sure that we're off to the side a little bit.

On a somewhat unrelated note- yesterday, as I've mentioned, we started screening the incoming kindergarteners. Seeing all of their faces and their excitement for school has me so incredibly excited for this upcoming school year! I just have a feeling that it's going to be the best year yet (despite the fact that half of our teaching team won't be with us anymore :( ) It will be my third year in kindergarten. I'm familiar with the standards, I know my expectations, and I know what to expect in the first few months of school. I'm really hoping that this feeling turns out to be right!

I'll just go ahead and leave you with this little gem. If it's any sign of the year to come... heaven help us all! haha!

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