July 06, 2016

My Summer "Bucket List" and more!

I've always thought that bucket lists were kind of morbid. As in,

"Hey! I'm going to die someday. Here are all the things I want to do before then. It doesn't matter if I don't get them done, though, because I'll be dead anyway."

I don't know... it just seems strange to me.

A summer bucket list, though? That's something I can get behind!

As a teacher, I think I'm supposed to relax and recharge for the whole summer. But, seriously, I get bored so easily that there's no way that could happen! Especially this summer, with starting my blog (did you know I started a blog recently?), finishing up grad school, teaching summer school, trying my hand


at calligraphy, learning how to write grants... I'm a busy girl!

When my summer was just beginning, I made a list of all the things I wanted and needed to accomplish before school started again in August. My list was-
  1. Write a grant.
  2. Start a blog.
  3. Gain 25 new blog followers.
  4. Surpass 500 Instagram followers.
  5. Reread the Harry Potter series.
  6. Earn $150 with Opinion Outpost (a survey site that pays well for your time... check it out!)
  7. Finish grad school.
Of course, some things are out of my hands. I can't make 500 people follow me on Instagram or make 25 people want to read my blog. I can't make Opinion Outpost offer me $150 in surveys over a 3-month time. 

I've found, though, that if I set lofty goals for myself, I'm much more likely to strive to reach it! And I'm checking several things off the bucket list I never even knew I had, like...

  • seeing Koo Koo Kanga Roo in concert
  • going to see Chris Colfer on his book tour
  • attending an education conference to see and hear Ron Clark and Ashley Schroeder speak
  • learning modern calligraphy
I mean... could this summer get any better?!

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