September 24, 2017

A Long-ish Update + My 4 Personalities

Hello, world! As per usual, I have been sadly neglecting this poor little blog for the past few months. But, I can't let it go. Something in me just wants so badly to make it work. I guess we'll see!

So, if I'm not committed to the blog, why am I even here?

Well, okay. Here's the thing- I literally don't know what I'm doing.

I suppose the best way to describe how I'm feeling is to put it like this: I feel like there are four different personalities in this short body of mine.

1. Becca: The happy, cheerful, fun-loving girl that everyone knows. She constantly talks about her cats and how much she would rather be in Disney World (or Disneyland!). She is also a Gleek and could talk about Chris Colfer for hours and hours. She's a huge Broadway junkie. She loves to be around friends and family, but also needs lots of time alone (#introvertproblems). Becca really enjoys reading, but gets distracted easily. She loves sleep.
2. Mrs. Fletcher: the teacher whom very few ever see in her natural element. She loves her students with a passion and will do anything and everything she can do to get them to succeed. She is always on the lookout for new theories, ideas, and (of course) cute school supplies. Mrs. Fletcher absolutely loves connecting with other teachers online through Facebook groups and Twitter. She loves sharing funny kindergarten stories with teacher friends, and she is pretty active in building her Professional Learning Community with Twitter chats. Mrs. Fletcher loves to stay up and cut out laminated centers for her students, but she hates not getting enough sleep so she doesn't do it often.
3. Becca the artist: this girl loooves to spend hours upon hours creating hand-lettering projects to share and sell! She likes experimenting with different brushes, colors, and techniques. She lacks confidence in her abilities, but takes time to practice different styles and fonts. She loves creating things for friends and family (and honestly hates being put into the awkward position where people expect her to do things for free because they are friends and/or family).
4. Rebecca Fletcher of Coffee, Cats, and Kinder/the business owner: the creative entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for new marketing strategies. She spends a lot of time trying to grow her online following to, in turn, grow her shop traffic and overall business. Rebecca Fletcher of Coffee, Cats, and Kinder is very strategic about marketing herself and her business online. She actively tracks how many Instagram followers she has, and loves collaborating with other small business owners. She doesn't like to sleep.

These three ladies have very little in common, and they all think completely differently. It's very rare to see two of them simultaneously: when I'm in a zone (whether it be teaching, creating, marketing, or Disney-ing), I'm in a zone! And, when I'm not, I'm just Becca. I hope you all can see the battle I'm fighting here.

So, here's the other thing- how the heck am I supposed to make these four ladies get along? How can they coexist without driving me absolutely bonkers?

Here are some other things I think about constantly: what kind of audience should I be speaking to in my blog/Instagram/Twitter/shop/whatever? Like, if I spend time talking about teaching, are my artist/creative followers going to leave? Will I scare off potential customers by talking about something non-shop-related? Do my teacher followers even care about my cats or Chris Colfer spiels?

I know that some people are reading this and saying, "Why does she even care? Honestly, though, who cares if she loses followers because of something she's talking about? Why does she care about social media so much? There's so much more to life than that!"

But, guys, here's the thing: I know I'm in the minority (at least the minority of the people I know personally), but I really do care. I want to connect with people on a personal level. I want to connect with people on a professional level (whether that be teaching, art, or marketing). I want people to see and buy my products. I want to talk with others about how to improve everything I do. I value feedback. I am so passionate about everything that I do that I just want the world to see it... and I want the world to love it! I recently read a quote that was something along the lines of-

Life is too short to only have one passion.

And  I was like, WOAH! THAT'S ME!

So, blog readers, I'm asking you to show me a bit of grace. If I seem frazzled, I'm probably trying to field a disagreement between one of my four personalities. If I'm elated, it's probably because I've just had a breakthrough (and you should ask me about it)! And, if I look like I'm going to fall apart, just shove come coffee in my hand and show me a picture of my cats.


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