June 06, 2017

Hi, from the Invalid!

Hey, all! Just wanted to pop in for a quick update. I had planned to do a post today with updates from my summer reading list (I'm cranking right through it!), but my plans fell through.

Also, I fell through.

Well... I fell, anyway.

It was the silliest thing (and also quite traumatic for me [and probably the kids])!

During summer school, I was sitting criss-cross applesauce on the floor (as every good kindergartener should) and playing a dominos game with my kiddos. I guess was probably sitting like that for about 20 minutes. When it was time to clean up, I stood up, took a step with my right foot, and down I went! I had no idea what had happened, but I knew that I was hurt. I distinctly felt and heard a POP as I was on my way down! I sent the kids to go get the teacher next door. Meanwhile, I figured out that my right foot had fallen asleep while I was sitting on the floor and I just hadn't realized it.

I was iced, rolled out in a wheelchair (because I couldn't really put any weight on my ankle), and driven home by some fabulous coworkers, and I have been laying around with my ankle elevated and iced all day. The outside is still pretty swollen and very tender, so I'll probably end up going in for an X-ray tomorrow.

It's been pretty boring, but at least my ankle definitely feels better than it did this morning! I took advantage of everything and have just been relaxing since I got home, which isn't something that I am usually interested in doing!

But, I fully intend on being back tomorrow with another (actually useful) blog post. :)

Until then!

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