July 20, 2016

Thoughts on Summer Break

EEK! It has recently come to my attention that I have less than one month left of summer break! I have such bittersweet feelings about this.

On one hand, I love having time to be an actual human being. During the school year, I don't have much spare time at all and, when I do have spare time, I'm too tired to do anything! I also have late nights and early mornings and there's never enough coffee. During the summer, though, I can plop myself down on the couch and watch 6 episodes of Glee if I want to! I can also eat when I want, pee when I want, and I don't have to wear real pants. Being on summer break is so good for my soul.

But, on the other hand... I really, really love my job! I love being such an important influence on kids. I look forward to the hysterical moments that always happen at the worst possible time. I like being in my classroom. I love tracking my students' progress and watching them grow.

Most importantly, though, the reason I'm really looking forward to the beginning of this school year is because...

I'll be done with grad school!

Unfortunately, there's a tiny overlap between the first day of kindergarten and my last day of grad school. I wish that I could have just a few days of actual break (from everything), but it's not a possibility and I've accepted it.

With the beginning of the school year sneaking up fast, I've had to make a list of the things I still want to accomplish before the beginning of the year! These are mostly school-related, but there are a few non-school things stuck in there. Here they are-

1. Develop a really good teacher binder that I will actually use this year!
2. Scrub my classroom rug
3. Spend a long weekend back in the 43964
4. Finish the first draft of my picture book
5. Vacuum all the floorboards of my house 
6. Finish rereading the TLOS series (including the new book that I haven't even cracked open yet)
7. Have an editorial calendar to schedule blog posts in advance
8. Get my two Donors Choose projects funded (I haven't shared them on social media because I don't want my family and friends to think I'm greedy! I promise that I'm not!)
9. Buy new work clothes
10. Have a sub binder ready to go before the first day of school
11. Finish reading my two library books about publishing books 

I'm sure I could come up with more, but, instead, I think I need to start working on knocking off the things on this list!

Don't worry, though... I'll schedule in a few days to plop myself on the couch and watch a few episodes of Glee (or Scream Queens, which I just started watching and love)! :)

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